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Zipz is the answer to the single-serve wine category. Revolutionizing and dominating the industry, Zipz Wine spliced innovation with sexiness to create an elegant, portable wine glass made from high-quality PET plastic that looks and feels like classic glassware, with a rescrewable top that pulls double duty as a highly protective coaster. The flexibility this brings to the life of wine drinkers is astonishing.
Each and every Zipz glass is covered in a patented Clean Wrap™ that keeps the wine fresh, the glass clean, and you happy, no matter where you are or where you choose to go. Treat yourself right.  Prefer Zipz. 


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  • Long Beverage
  • 10500 World Trade Blvd.
  • Raleigh, NC 27617
  • Phone 919.481.2738
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