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Hispano Bodegas

D.O.5 Hispanobodegas was created as an enterprise  based on the idea of collectively offering the products of Spain’s most emblematic Officially Certified Winegrowing Regions (Denominaciones de Origen): Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rueda  which together represent arround 30% of the officially certified wine produced in Spain. This means we can guarantee a flexible, diverse and prestigious portfolio with respect to the origins of our wines.
Each of the wineries has its own identity, marked by the unique characteristics of the Region, its grape varieties and the geographical nature of the area in which their vineyards are located. The common denominator they share, is their calling to produce wines with an excellent quality / price ratio within the framework established by each of these regions.
To complement the above, D.O.5 Hispanobodegas also markets wines from other Officially Certified Spanish Winegrowing Regions and countries, the quality of which is guaranteed not only by the prestige of the wineries producing them, but also by the stringent requirements and rigurous quality controls to which we subject all of our products.


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